Hip-Hop Terrordome Interviews: Da Mafia 6ix


Hip-Hop fans have been rejoicing ever since DJ Paul announced he would reunite former Three 6 Mafia members Gangsta Boo, Lord Infamous, Crunchy Black and Koopsta Knicca to form a new group called Da Mafia 6ix. Their first mixtape “6ix Commandments,” was released, Nov., 12, 2013, and received positive feedback from long time Three 6 Mafia fans.

As a token of their appreciation to their fans, Da Mafia 6ix went on the “Sinners Tour” which began, Feb. 28, 2014, in Memphis Tenn. The Hip-Hop Terrordome sat down with Mafia 6ix members DJ Paul, Crunchy Black and Koopsta Knicca, Wednesday, April 9, 2014, before the took the stage at Joe’s Grotto in Phoenix for the “Sinner’s Tour.”

You can read the interview below:

Ghost Effect: Thank you guys for doing this interview. Tell me how this tour is going.

DJ Paul:Its been crunk, man. Its been crazy as hell. Just like we like it. Our show has a rock concert feel, to obviously a rap concert, but it’s wildness man. We have mosh pits, stage dives and all kinds of craziness.”

Ghost Effect: You guys brought Lord Infamous’ casket on tour with you. What was the reasoning behind it?

DJ Paul: “We want him to be a part of the tour because he was originally a part of the group. He always will be, so we decided to bring him out.”

Crunchy Black: “We had to do this because Infamous is one of the main reasons we’re back together now.”

Ghost Effect: What would Lord Infamous be like if he was performing with you guys on this tour?

Crunchy Black: “He would be wildin’ like a fool.”

DJ Paul: “Getting him to the show would be the hard part. But once we got him there it would be good. It’s a good thing we’re on the bus together. But if we had to meet, I don’t know. He would be like ‘Oh, I though you said to go to Washington D.C.!? ‘ and I would be like ‘No Lord, I said Seattle Washington.'”

Ghost Effect: So what was Lord Infamous like as a person?

DJ Paul: “He was the coolest, man. He was the nicest person in the world. Everyone who ever met him knows that. He said so many funny things.

Ghost Effect: What was one of your best memories of Lord Infamous?

Crunchy Black: “Before he had died he went on my Instagram page and liked a lot of  pictures so I tried to call him and be like, ‘Lord what the fuck you doing?’ It was funny to me but yet kind of strange. The next thing I heard he was dead and I was like ‘What the Fuck?'”

Ghost Effect: So what was the hardest part of his passing?

DJ Paul: “It has its hard parts and it has its good parts. The hard part is that it happened like a month after we put our tape out and everything. The good part is he did get to see it and got a chance to make the ‘Where’s the Bud‘ video which was one of his biggest solo songs. He got a chance to see it get up to 12,000,000 views. At least he got a chance to see everything unfold. It would be fucked up if we did the album and then he passed away because he wouldn’t have heard any of that.”

Koopsta Knicca: “There’s so much I miss about him. I’m still kind of messed up about it.”

Ghost Effect: So what can you tell me about the new Mafia 6ix album that is going to be coming out?

DJ Paul: “It’s going to be crazier than the mixtape. If you heard the mixtape then you know it was nutty-as-hell. We’re just going to make it hard. Hard core.”

Ghost Effect: A lot of big things have been happening in the south. Outkast got back together, Lil’ Boosie was released from prison, and you guys, Da Mafia 6ix, are doing your thing. What dies this mean for southern Hip-Hop?

DJ Paul: “Southern Hip-Hop is here to stay. Southern Hip-Hop has been kicking ass since like ’97. It’s great because we got some other legends and good guys who help us keep this thing alive. Its great. I don’t see anything getting rid of southern Hip-Hop because everyone sounds like the south now.”

Ghost Effect: You guys have made some major accomplishments, including winning an Academy Award. How do you top yourself?

Crunchy Black: “You just have to work a little harder. When you see the sweat and tears we did for the first album, or the second album, or the third album, we just try to do a little more than that.”

DJ Paul: “It really isn’t about toping it, it’s about keeping the longevity, keeping it moving. I don’t know what could top an Oscar but it more about trying to stay in the people’s ears. It doesn’t have to be bigger than an Oscar, it could just be a hot mixtape you have in the streets. Keeping the fans happy, that’s what it’s all about.”

Ghost Effect: What’s next for you guys after this tour and the release of your new album? 

DJ Paul: “I don’t know, rehab maybe? Nah I’m joking. We’re dropping an album in August with Insane Clown Posse. Then we’re supposed to start the tour around August as well to promote the album.

Ghost Effect: Nice! So is there anything else you’re going to want readers to know? 

DJ Paul: “Just watch out for us. Da Mafia 6ix is here. We’re going to keep killing them just like we did. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.”

Ghost Effect: Da Mafia 6ix, thank you guys for taking the time to do this interview, I really appreciate it!


3 thoughts on “Hip-Hop Terrordome Interviews: Da Mafia 6ix

  1. I always got luv for the mafia and that new tape was great. Sucks they doin a tape with weak ass ICP though, I hate that juggalo bullshit.

  2. I think it’s fresh. They been talkin bout this shit for 10 yrs. About damn time. Especially if Paul lets MEC produce some of the album.

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