Masta Ace, Strickiln, Punchline and Wordsworth talk eMC’s upcoming projects


In 2001 former Juice Crew member, Masta Ace, joined forces with Stricklin, Punchline and Wordsworth to form the Hip-Hop super-group eMC. The members of the rap collective collaborated with each other numerous times but did not release their collective debut album “The Show” until 2008. The album received positive reviews from critics and left fans wanting more. In a conference call with the Hip-Hop Terrordome the members of eMC stated fans will not have to wait any longer for new eMC material because they will be releasing two projects later this year.

“Everyone went and did solo projects after we released ‘The Show,'” Wordsworth said over the phone. “We felt now was the perfect time to get the crew back together and come full circle.”

New York City, N.Y., emcee, Punchline said the group’s first project will be called “The Turning Point” a six-song EP which will lead up to the group’s next full-length album. The EP will be released Tuesday, May 20, 2014 and will be available for pre-order on May 6. Its first single will be called “Charley Murphy” which the four emcees say is a “slap-in-the-face” to artists who name songs after celebrities.

“The Turning Point” will lead up to eMC’s sophomore album due out by the end of this year. The album is unfinished and yet to be titled but the members of eMC already say it will be considered a Hip-Hop classic.

“The EP is finished and turned in,” Stricklin said over the phone. “As far as the album, we have beats and song titles but we’re not even half way done. We like how everything is starting to turn out so far and we know everyone is going to love it, because we love it.”

Like “The Show,” the new album will have a story line theme that plays between tracks. Masta Ace said the story will follow eMC as they do a show in an unnamed city. The story will begin at the time the group arrives at the airport and will end when they get back to their hotel the night after their performance. Even though this new album will be somewhat similar in theme to “The Show,” Milwaukee, Wis., emcee Stricklin says it will show tremendous improvement from all four emcees.

“We all grew since the last album. It’s a different time in Hip-Hop so we’re talking about different topics than we did in ‘The Show,'” Stricklin said over the phone. “In the last six years we all aged and got better at what we do. Our lyricism stepped up. Our beats stepped up. Everything improved. It will really show on these projects.”

eMC also plans to reach the people by touring their new material. The group will be doing a European tour at the end of May as well as a tour of the U.S. and Canada in the Summer. eMC also plans on going to Australian at the start of 2015. The members of eMC made it very clear that all their hard work will pay off.

“We’re coming back with a vengeance,” Masta Ace said over the phone. “We’re going to shock and surprise people. I’m looking forward to two years of touring and making music with my crew.”


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