Blak Smith talks “Boom bye bye Hip Hop will NEVA die”


The Illuminati is a hot topic in Hip-Hop these days. Many people have accused rappers like Jay-Z and Kanye West of being Illuminati affiliates due to their heavy usage of Masonic symbols and gestures. Artists like Public Enemy‘s Professor Griff have spoken openly about secret society rituals people go through upon entering the entertainment industry. Most people are quick to dismiss the rumors of the Illuminati’s involvement in Hip-Hop but Blak Smith, an author and emcee from the Bronx, N.Y., says the Illuminati rumors are true and he plans to expose them with his recently released book “Boom bye-bye Hip Hop will NEVA die.”

Blak Smith was first introduced to the music industry in New York City, N.Y., during the early 90s. During that time Blak was searching for a record deal to launch his career as a rapper. Although Blak’s efforts proved to be unsuccessful, his journey made him aware of what happened behind the scenes in the music business.

With a combination of extensive research and his personal experiences Blak Smith wrote “Boom bye-bye Hip Hop will NEVA die.” Blak claims his book “connects the dots” of what is really going on in the entertainment industry and explains what people should look out for before entering the entertainment business.

“I wrote this book because I care about my people,” Blak Smith said during a phone interview. “I want them to know what to expect if they’re going to pursue a career in the music business. It’s important for people to know what goes on because it effects all of us.”

In the exclusive interview with the Hip-Hop Terrorodome, Blak Smith gave a brief summery of the 235 page book to let readers know what to expect prior to reading it.

  • Chapter 1: “My book starts off with the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations,” Blak said. “It’s the institute that makes decisions for all English-speaking countries. It explains why things happen the way they do.”
  • Chapter 2: “The second chapter is about the pre-Hip-Hop era,” Blak said. “It goes in-depth on Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix‘s deaths.”
  • Chapter 3: “This chapter tells how and why the Illuminati infiltrated Hip-Hop,” Blak said. “It explains who the key players are. It also tells about who dies and why.”
  • Chapter 4: “The fourth chapter goes more in-depth of the Hip-Hop invasion,” Blak said. “It says why DMX‘ character is constantly getting assassinated.”
  • Chapter 5: “Chapter 5 tells about what is happening outside Hip-Hop,” Blak said. “It explains the deaths of Bernie Mac, Michael Jackson and Whitney Huston.”
  • Chapter 6: “My last chapter is the most important,” Blak said. “It offers solutions on how to take Hip-Hop back for ourselves.”

Blak explained “Boom bye-bye Hip Hop will NEVA die” is for the open minded reader. The content is based off of years of research and personal experience. You can purchase “Boom bye-bye Hip Hop will NEVA die” directly from Blak Smith via his Facebook page and you can read all of Blak’s writings on his blog.


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