Rapper Big Pooh says no to a Little Brother reunion and talks community involvement

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Back in 2007, Hop-Hop fans were shocked to find out North Carolina based rap group Little Brother broke up. Many begged for the group to reunite but all three members, including Rapper Big Pooh,  stated in several interviews there was almost a zero percent chance of a reunion.

Rapper Big Pooh said Little Brother’s break-up was a result of each member having goals and agendas that would conflict with one another’s. For this reason, Pooh felt even if Little Brother did not part ways when they did, a breakup was bound to happen. Big Pooh elaborated to what needs to be done before he can reunite with his former group.

“In order for anything to happen we would all have to get into a room and have a conversation,” Rapper Big Pooh said over the phone. “Even then, we probably wont be making anything musically. What happened between us was a personal thing. It had nothing to do with the music business or anything like that. It was a personal thing that must be resolved before anything else can be done.”

With a Little Brother reunion nearly out of the question, Rapper Big Pooh is staying focused on his solo career. Pooh recently signed a two project deal with Mello Music Group.

The first of Pooh’s two projects will be a collaboration album with Virginia based producer Nottz titled “Home Sweet Home.” Pooh says the album was two years in the making and promises its release in the summer. The second project will be an EP which is yet to be titled. Upon the release of “Home Sweet Home,” Rapper Big Pooh plans on going on tour as a way to say thank you to all his fans old and new.

Outside of Hip-Hop, Rapper Big Pooh writes sports journalism for online publications such as Slam Online and Rant Sports. Big Pooh also volunteers much of his time giving back to the community. He feels it is his obligation to show the youth they can make something out of themselves too.

“I originally went to college to become a High School teacher and a coach,” Rapper Big pooh said. “As you can see things turned out differently. But now I’m finding new ways to coach. Instead of coaching a sports team, I’m helping kids chase their dreams. Many kids don’t see past their neighborhood. They don’t see anyone like them living the dream. I want to show them it’s possible.”

Likewise, Rapper Big Pooh wants to encourage all aspiring artists reading this article not to give up on their dreams. Pooh says he loves the enthusiasm new artists bring to the table and would be happy to give them a platform.

“I do what I can to help new artists,” Rapper Big Pooh said. “The benefit goes both ways by doing so. They get to know they’re on the right track and I get inspired by their energy and innocence.”



One thought on “Rapper Big Pooh says no to a Little Brother reunion and talks community involvement

  1. Big pooh is so selfish, Man I love their music together, the 3 of them are masterminds, 9th wonder would want this to happen I know but ifit cant happen it can’t but I am hoping that them guys will really think about this, we need em

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