Artists Spotlight: Matt G

Hip-Hop may have millions of fans across the globe but sadly many people still look down upon the culture. This is most likely because people are unaware that Hip-Hop is more than the negative rap music they hear on the radio. This unbalanced exposure misguides people into believing Hip-Hop is only about sex, drugs and violence. Matt G, a 26-year-old emcee from Austin Tx., is determined to overcome this negative perception and create music people can connect to. 

“Mainstream music has given people an unfortunate image of Hip-Hop,” Matt G said over the phone. “Hip-Hop, and music in general, has the ability to touch people and connect with them. I want to be a part of that.”

Inspired by the likes of Nas and Tupac Shakur, Matt G wants to do more than sell records, he wants to be known as “one of the great minds of our generation.” Matt G incorporates his Blues, Folk and Classic Rock influences to create music he says will musically express what people are feeling.

Matt G didn’t always want to be a musician. At age 20, Matt G moved from Midland Tx. to Austin Tx. to become a concert promoter. The vast amount of musicians in Austin encouraged Matt G to ease off concert promotions create music of his own. Matt G soon learned how hard it would be to establish a fan-base in the “live music capital of the world.”

“Austin is a college town so the fans don’t stick around after they graduate,” said Matt G. “You pretty much have to start from scratch every for years. Plus, the large quantity of musicians made it hard to get exposure.”

Matt G will be releasing an album in March of this year called “Imagipashun.” Matt G describes “Zoned Out,” the album’s first single, as emotionally driven and claims to have written it while watching “Sons of Anarchy” on mute. Always optimistic, Mat G says “Imagipashun” will help establish a solid fan-base.

To find out more about Matt G, follow him on Twitter (@mgmuzik)


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