Album Review/Stream: Earl Sweatshirt, Doris


Some could say Los Angeles based rapper, Earl Sweatshirt, is giving his fans an early Christmas present. Today (Aug. 15, 2013) the Odd Future member released a stream of his debut album “Doris” via his SoundCloud page just five days before its original release date.

Earl Sweatshirt is arguably one of the more lyrical rappers to come out of Odd Future. Earl’s lyrical ability shows well throughout Doris but his delivery is mostly mono-tone throughout the entire album.

All but three tracks off of Doris have guest features. Earl chose to work with a diverse group of rappers including Mac Miller, RZA and his fellow Odd Future member Tyler, The Creator. All of these artists delivered great verses but none of them brought nothing new to the album. As the album went on you discovered the reason why only three songs did not have any guest features is because they are instrumentals.

Production wise Doris is nothing too interesting. Earl’s mono-tone delivery combined with his very mellow beats make for a rather boring album. Many of the songs blend together to the point that you do not realize the album had changed tracks. This album is not meant to be danced to or bumped while cruising in your car. Instead, Doris should be listened to when you are in need of background music while you’re cleaning your house.

Overall Rating: C-

You can listen to Doris in its entirety by clicking the link below:


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