And Ya Don’t Stop: Hip-Hop Turns 40 Years Old


Forty years ago today (Aug. 11, 2013), DJ Kool Herc hosted a party at 1520 Sedgewick Avenue in the South Bronx. Many Hip-Hoppas consider this party to be the birth of what would be the global phenomenon known as Hip-Hop culture.

Yesterday (Aug. 10, 2013), DJ Kool Herc threw a free show in Central Park on honor of Hip-Hop’s 40th birthday. The show was hosted by legendary female-emcee, Roxanne Shante. Grandwizard Theodore kicked-off the day with a performance with The Soul Sonic Force.

The festival continued with performances from Coke La Rock, Skoob from Das EFX and Rakim. The night appropriately closed with a performance by Big Daddy Kane. Legendary DJs Marly Marl, DJ Permier and DJ Red Alert were spinning on the Turn-Tables throughout the day.

Hip-Hop has come a long way since its humble beginnings. On May 16, 2001, Hip-Hop was recognized as a culture when the Hip-Hop Declaration of Peace was presented by many Hip-Hop pioneers and organizations to the United Nations.

Minister Server, a Spiritual Adviser for The Temple of Hip-Hop and The Universal Zulu Nation, was was at the UN when to present the Declaration of Peace. Server explained how Hip-Hop is the only culture in world history to make a world-wide impact in less than 40-years, without force.

Becoming a world-wide culture is a big accomplishment to something what was only seen as a “fad” during the time of its origins. MC Shan, an original member of the Juice Crew, expressed his opinions on Hip-Hop’s accomplishments.

“They didn’t think we would make it this far,” said MC Shan over the phone. “We showed them. Hip-Hop will continue to get BIGGER and more diverse than it is now.”

In the song “Hip-Hop Forever” New York emcee, Final Outlaw said “They say Hip-Hop is dead but instead it evolved, and everybody who ever criticized it was wrong. Even those who hate it the most use slang when they talk, so whether you like it or not you’re still playing a part. Forever!”

Happy Birthday Hip-Hop!


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