Bonze Roc encourages people to Think Outside the Box and Question Evertything


Since the beginning of Hip-Hop’s existence, Hip-Hop has been broken down into four core elements: DJing, MCing, B-Boying and Graffiti. Years later, KRS-One of Boogie Down Productions added five new Hip-Hop elements: Beat-boxing, Fashion, Street Language, Entrepreneurship and Knowledge. Bonze Roc, an emcee from Montclair, N.J., is taking it upon himself to spread knowledge to the masses.

Bonze stated he always questioned the world around him, even as a child. Growing up in a Christian household, Bonze became aggravated when he was told not to question God.

“I’m always on a quest for answers,” said Bonze Roc over the phone. “When I was told not to question God all I could say way, Why?”

To further his knowledge, Bonze Roc began reading religious text and studying Quantum Physics. Bonze says during his studies, he found that everything is somehow connected and nothing is what it seems.

“People like separating things into categories,” said Bonze Roc. “I found that everything is one. There used to be a battle of science vs. religion but now science is accepting spirituality. It’s funny how they don’t show that on CNN. TV is designed to oppress the masses by distracting them from real knowledge. People need to turn off their TV and seek the truth.”

Bonze Roc has a new mixtape called “Introduction to Bonze Roc” set to release Aug., 1, 2013. Bonze calls the project’s first single “Killuminati’s Revenge” a dedication to Tupac Shakur. Bonze went on to say he feels it is his obligation to pick up where Tupac left off.

“Pac was an amazing artist. He had people thinking,” said Bonze Roc. “I want people to use their brain and learn too. We are capable of amazing things but people don’t realize it.”

To learn more about Bonze Roc and the topics discussed in this article follow him on Twitter: @BonzeRoc144


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