Lil’ Troy reunites with his son after 8 years, now wants to Box to benefit Charities


In 2005,  Huston rap artist Lil’ Troy’s parted ways with his son, T2, when he was sentenced to an 8-year prison sentence. Out of respect for his son, Lil’ Troy decided to step away from the public’s eye one year after T2’s incarceration. Troy has reunited with his son earlier this year upon T2’s release from prison and was eager to express his excitement to have his son back into his life.

“Seeing T2 again is the sweetest thing that could ever happen to me,” said Lil’ Troy over the phone. “He used to be with me all the time before he got locked up. Knowing that he was gone and I couldn’t do anything about it was the hardest part for me.”

T2 now plans on following his father’s footsteps by releasing an album titled “T2 the Menace, Prince of H-Town” sometime in the near future. Although Lil’ Troy stated he wants his son to adapt himself back into society before he rushes into the studio.

Lil’ Troy has a book in the works called “The Heat in the Kitchen” which he plans on publishing upon the release of T2’s debut album. Troy says his book will be a step-by-step guide on how to make it in the entertainment industry.

“There are a lot of things you must know before getting into this business,” said Lil’ Troy. “The first thing you must know is how, and when you get paid. People in the music industry won’t tell you this, they expect you to know it. You’ll get screwed over if you don’t.”

Troy plans on throwing a New Years Eve party in two years featuring T2 as the headliner. Lil’ Troy said he also plans on performing at the celebration along with his other son, Lil’ T who does comedy.

Lil’ Troy is a man of many talents. At 10-years-old, Troy learned to fight by training at his uncle’s boxing gym. As Troy grew older, he helped other boxers prepare for fights by training and sponsoring them. Troy now wants to use his boxing skills to benefit others.

“I don’t box anymore but I would have a celebrity boxing match with another rapper,” said Lil’ Troy. “All proceeds will go a charity. It doesn’t matter which one. It could be to benefit Trayvon Martin, or whatever.”

Any rapper who wants to box Lil’ Troy for charity can email him at or Tweet him at @LilTroy


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