Darkim Be Allah announces the next installments in his “Live at the Lab” series


Darkim Be Allah announced recently that he will be releasing a follow-up to his “Live at the Lab: Take 1” EP by the end of July. Darkim says the follow-up project will be titled “Live at the Lab: Take 2, Training Camp” and will be the first of three new installment to the series.

The long time Wu-Tang Clan affiliate took a hiatus from rapping since the release of  “Take 1” in 2000  to focus more on producing. Darkim said he loves producing music but felt it was time to focus on being an emcee again.

“I needed to get back on the mic,” said Darkim over the phone. “It’s been a while since I focused myself on being an emcee. I had to get my juices flowing again. That’s why it’s called ‘training camp’ because it’s a sample of things to come.”

This summer the Wu-Tang Clan will be playing at the tenth anniversary of the Rock the Bells festival. The original Rock the Bells lineup featured the Wu-Tang Clan as the headliner and was the last show Ol’ Dirty Bastard performed at before his untimely death in 2004.

Darkim says there is a possibility he will perform at Rock the Bells with the Clan but claims he rather focus on finishing his EP series. “Live at the Lab: Take 3” is set to release at the end of August.

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One thought on “Darkim Be Allah announces the next installments in his “Live at the Lab” series

  1. This is the link to the album

    Published on Jul 24, 2013


    1. Intro (00:00-01:03)

    2. Back To Ghetto (Venge Milz) (01:04-03:07)

    3. To The Top (Darkim Be Allah) (03:08-06:05)

    4. Illegally Black (Darkim Be Allah and Venge Milz) (06:06-10:32)

    5. Who F%cked Up The Run (Skit) (10:33-11:47)

    6. Deserted Blocks (Master K-Bar) (11:48-14:20)

    7. Interlude (14:21-14:53)

    8. Invincible Sword (Darkim Be Allah) (14:54-17:42)

    9. Honor Amongst Villains (Darkim Be Allah) (17:43-20:10)

    10. Kill Or Be Killed (Venge Milz) (20:11-24:16)

    11. Get Out Of Here (Skit) (24:17-25:24)

    12. They Cops,We Black (Darkim Be Allah) (25:25-29:07)

    13. Outro (29:08-29:20)

    All Songs Produced By Darkim Be Allah
    Except #4 Produced By Soundwave

    LightFoot Promotions

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