G-Moe says Arizona is still finding itself Musically


Arizona is famous for the Grand Canyon, the Diamondbacks and its over one-hundred degree weather. One major aspect of this South Western state that is often overlooked by the other 49 is its Hip-Hop scene. G-Moe, a rapper/entrepreneur from Avondale Ariz., says one of the reasons rappers from the Grand Canyon State are overlooked is because Arizona is still finding its sound.

“It’s hard for us to define who we are,” said G-Moe over the phone. “We don’t have a pioneer to show the world what we have to offer. Right now we’re still building our foundation.”

G-Moe is doing everything he can to make sure Arizona Hip-Hop gets the recognition it deserves. He first became interested in Hip-Hop at the early age of 6-years-old by watching artists like the Geto Boys on MTV and BET. He eventually taught himself to rap and develop his own style.

As an artist, G-Moe became frustrated with dealing with promoters who refused to pay local artist to perform at their shows. G-Moe decided stop dealing with “shady promoters” start throwing shows of his own. As a promoter, G-Moe has brought artists like Lil’ Flip and will be bringing Baby Bash to the valley on Sept. 21, 2013.

In 2007, G-Moe started a record company called Avondale Production Inc. to help build Arizona’s musical foundation. G-Moe claims managing a record company helped him become a better artists by forcing him out of his comfort zone. G-Moe released numerous projects on Avondale Production Inc. including his medical marijuana inspired mixtape “Wax House.”

G-Moe hopes that his efforts will find him long term success in the music industry which with also give light to Arizona Hip-Hop. To learn more about G-Moe follow him on Twitter: @AVP_gmoe


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