Album Review: Jay-Z, Manga Carter Holy Grail


Today (July 4, 2013) Jay-Z released his twelfth studio album “Manga Carter Holy Grail” (MCHG).

Ever since his 1996 debut, Jay-Z has always been pushing new boundaries business-wise. So it was no surprise when MGHC broke new grounds by going platinum before its release date by distributing it to Samsung customers.

Now before I go on I want people to know that my rating of MGHC is only based off of the quality of the album, not the grounds it broke business-wise.

Business aside, Jay-Z is a rapper with nothing to prove to anyone because both fans and artists consider him one of the most iconic rappers in Hip-Hop. On MGHC it shows that Jay-Z is not trying to impress anybody. Jay-Z keeps the same cadence throughout the majority of the album and his delivery can be seen as lazy.

MCHG does not have many features but on the tracks that do, the featured artist always seems to outshine Jay-Z. For example, MCHG’s opening track “Holy Grail” seems more like a Justin Timberlake song with Jay-Z in it than a Jay-Z song featuring Justin.

The album’s production is good but some of the beats are less than memorable. You would expect a lot more on a project that has a team of super producers like Timbaland, Swizz Beatz and Pharrell Williams.

Overall MCHG is definitely not Jay-Z’s best work. It is not a bad album but it isn’t great.

Overall Rating: C


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