DJ Paul talks New Projects, Entrepreneurship and the Price of Fame


In early June, Academy Award winning artist DJ Paul announced he will be releasing a new project with former Three 6 Mafia members Gangsta Boo, Lord Infamous, Crunchy Black, and Koopsta Knicca called Da Mafia 6ix.

DJ Paul’s announcement gathered mixed reactions from fans because they saw this new project as a Three 6 Mafia reunion that excluded original member Juicy J. DJ Paul clarified his announcement to fans by stating Da Mafia 6ix is a new group with old friends, not a Three 6 Mafia reunion.

Aside from Da Mafia 6ix, DJ Paul will release a collaborative mixtape called “Clash of the Titans” with fellow Memphis Tenn., rapper/producer Drumma Boy which is set to release within the next two months.

DJ Paul has had a promising career in the music industry with Three 6 Mafia as well as a solo artists. But Paul has also ventured into entrepreneurship. Releasing his own line of BBQ Sauce as well as his highly publicized liquor Sizzurp all of which can be purchased at DJ Paul’s website

To everyone who wants to pursue a career in music, DJ Paul says if you believe in yourself you can achieve. Although Paul went on to say the music industry is not for everyone. He then said if you plan to pursue a career in music do so because it is your calling, not for any other reason.

“Fame comes with a price,” said DJ Paul over the phone. “You can’t live a regular life because people don’t see you as a regular person anymore. You constantly have fans and the IRS checking up on you. You have to be on your guard or else you can fall hard.”

With all that DJ Paul has accomplish he says he still has a lot more in store for his fans. Paul says he will continue to tour, make great music and continue with other ventures.

To learn more about DJ Paul follow him on Twitter: @DJPAULKOM 


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