Yalee: Remember My Name


Vary rarely does an active duty military family stay in one place more than four years. Yalee, 22, being born into a military family himself, moved to various locations around the country at least 12 times throughout his childhood. Constantly moving made it hard for Yalee to maintain long lasting friendships so he turned to music.

No move proved to be more of a culture shock to Yalee than going from the ghettos of Ohio to its suburbs. Yalee said it took him a while to adjust at a school with a majority of Caucasian students but he’s glad he did because he can now relate to both ethnicities. This brought a pop element onto his music which he say appeals to a boarder audience.

Yalee’s new project “Remember My Name” is set to release Tuesday June, 18. The Hip-Hop/Pop mixtape will feature all original tracks and one remix. Yalee says the key to getting people to remember your name is making music they can relate to.

“I have a different sound,” said Yalee over the phone. “When people hear my mixtape I want them to say ‘That’s not my type of music but I really like that song.’ I just want to be remembered for good music.”

When It comes to making music Yalee claims to do it for selfless reasons. His main intention is to get his family out of a dangerous city and to give back to kids with Autism. With such benevolent intentions for what he is doing Yalee says he does not have a ‘Plan B’ for his musical career.

“When you do not have a ‘Plan B’ you tend to have a more determined drive for what you’re doing,” said Yalee. “I gave up a college football scholarship to pursue my career in music. I know I’m going to make it.”

To learn more about Yalee follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @yaleeworld


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