Hip-Hop from a Ladie’s Perspective: DJ Dimepiece


Radio personality DJ Dimepiece wants to change rap’s negative image of women by setting the example. DJ Dimepiece has had a very successful career in music. She became WGCI-FM‘s first female DJ in Chicago where she currently hosts two shows.

DJ Dimepiece says it’s okay for women to be sexy, they’re suppose to be, but they should be more than their body.

“Ladies should be confident, feel sexy and respect their selves,” said DJ Dimepiece over the phone. “Guys want a woman with goals and ambition too.”

DJ Dimepiece says she became a DJ to get her through hard times, not for the money. She went on to say she found a passion for DJing and was lucky enough to make a career out of it. DJ Dimepiece encourages ladies to do the same by doing what they love.

As a current contestant on VH1’s Master of the Mix, the winner of Global Spin’s Female DJ of the Year (2008), Global Mixx’s best Female DJ of the Year (2008) and two S.E.A. Female DJ Awards (2005 and 2012), DJ Dimepiece says success did not come easy.

“Opportunities did not just come to me,” said DJ Dimepiece. “I had to create situations to make opportunities for myself. If you put God first, pray and believe in yourself good things will come to you too.”

To learn more about DJ Dimepiece, follow her on Twitter @DJDimepiece


One thought on “Hip-Hop from a Ladie’s Perspective: DJ Dimepiece

  1. I agree with DJ Dimepiece, I love Hip Hop, but there are times when I wish the BOYS would actually write a track with something positive to say about women, instead of classing them all as being “HOES”!! I am a Nurse but actually do a Doctor’s job, assessing people for medicals. I have found that their are a lot of men out there who love a woman with brains!!!! So, C’mon Boys lets have some tracks with something beautiful to say about women. 🙂

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