Dres talks International Hip-Hop and Touring


On May 16, 2001 many Hip-Hop pioneers gathered at the United Nations in New York City, N.Y., to sign the Hip-Hop Declaration of Peace which recognized Hip-Hop as an international culture.

Many artists who have made a career for themselves within Hip-Hop have been fortunate to have travel the world touring their music. Dres, the mastermind behind the Hip-Hop group Black Sheep, told about his experiences touring and how Hip-Hop is seen internationally.

Dres explained that people in other countries have a more genuine love for Hip-Hop as a culture than people in the United Stated.

“Hip-Hop is more dope around the world,” said Dres over the phone. “In the U.S., people have short attention spans but overseas people who don’t event speak English will take time to learn your lyrics.”

Dres stated how much he loves touring, even claiming he preferred it over recording in the studio, but says life on the road can get hectic at times.

During his over 22-year musical career, Dres has performed at venues of all sizes. Dres states that if given a choice between performing at a stadium or a small club he would prefer to do the latter.

“There seems to be no connection between you and the people when you perform at a stadium,” said Dres. “When you’re at a smaller venue you can interact with the people, which is always better.”

Recently, Dres has joined forces with fellow Native Tongues member Jarobi White from A Tribe Called Quest to form the group Evitan (Native spelled backwards). On Sept. 21, 2012, the duo released their first collaborative album entitled “Speed of Life” which can be downloaded on iTunes.

Dres says this album will appeal to all generations of Hip-Hoppers, not just the “Old School” crowd. Dres went on to say that dividing Hip-Hop into “Old School” and “New School” is a mistake.

“Hip-Hop seems to be the only genre of music that divides itself,” said Dres. “You don’t see that happening in Rock, or R&B. We can’t be divided because we are all one people.”

Dres plans on touring with Jarobi White sometime in the near furture to promote their project. Follow Dres on Twitter to stay up-to-date with him @DresBlackSheep


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