Album Review: French Montana, Excuse My French


Yesterday (May, 22, 2013) Morocco rapper French Montana released his debut album Excuse My French. There are 13 tracks total featured on the album. All but two tracks have guest features.

The album has some good beats but French fails to deliver lyrically. Most of his vocals are heavily Auto-Tuned and his lyrics are highly repetitive. It seems as if French relies on the featured artists to make up what he failed to deliver lyrically.

Earlier in the year French spent most of his time on Twitter bashing 50 Cent calling him “Irrelevant” yet the opening track entitled “Once in a While” borrows lines from “Life’s on the Line” by 50 Cent as well as “Murder was the Case” by Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Excuse My French feels more like a mixtape than an album with the heavy amount of features. The album does not break any new grounds whatsoever. There is practically no difference between Excuse My French and any overly Auto-Tuned mixtape you can find on the internet.

Overall Rating: D


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