Killah Priest: “Music is my Religion”


Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. -Plato

Ever since the beginning of Hip-Hop, rappers have always had a love for Jewelry. From Eric B. & Rakim wearing large gold chains on the cover of their 1987 classic album, Paid in Full to Lil’ Jon wearing diamond Grillz on the cover of the 2002 album, Kings of Crunk.

Even though some rappers choose to rap about their objects of wealth, others choose to steer away from the materialistic side of Hip-Hop and rhyme about topics of wisdom. Killah Priest, a Wu-Tang Clan affiliate, has lyrics heavily themed in spirituality.

“People like rapping about the same topics. I never want to limit myself so I feel obligated to rap about spirituality,” said Priest over the phone. “Music does something for the soul. You can hear drums that remind you of war and a flute that reminds you of peace.”

Priest says he reads the Bible and Torah because there is knowledge to be found in them. He also claimed to be inspired by good music and anything with a message behind it. Although heavily spiritual, Priest does not affiliate himself with any one religion.

“All religions have one foundation, one core,” said Priest. “They all take from each other and all have something to teach. Music is my religion.”

Killah Priest is a member of the Hip-Hop super group the HRSMN Project, along with members Canibus, Kurupt and Ras Kass. On Jan. 8, 2012, Ras Kass announced he was leaving the HRSMN Project. Priest said that he supports Kass’ decision to leave the group and plans on collaborating with him in the future.

Killah Priest is currently on a tour with Ghostface Killah promoting their new albums. Priest’s newest album, The Psychic Ward of Walter Reed, is a double disc feature which he said challenged him as an artists. Stating this project required more concentration and made him more focused on time.

After the tour the end of the current tour, Priest plans on doing a collaboration album with Ghostface as well as do a solo tour of his own. Visit to stay up-to-date with Killah Priest.


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