MC Globe: A REAL Emcee


The term “MC” is heavily associated with Hip-Hop. But what is an MC? If you look up the term in the dictionary it will tell you that it is an abbreviation for “Master of Ceremonies.” Many people believe MC stands for “Microphone Controller.” On the 1988 Hip-Hop classic, “Eric B. is President” Rakim said “To me MC means Move the Crowd.” To MC Globe, an original member of Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force, all three are correct.

As a Hip-Hop veteran, Globe wants to teach the youth what it takes to be a REAL emcee. Globe stated that a common misconception about the term MC is that the title applies to all rappers.

“Yes many MCs are rappers but not all rappers are MCs,” said Globe over the phone. “In order to be a REAL emcee you must follow this guideline:”

  1. An MC must be God Fearing:Along with everything else you do in life, you must put God first,” said Globe.
  2. An MC cannot have a criminal record: “Hip-Hop is about bettering our people,” said Globe. “If your actions do otherwise, you cannot be an emcee.”
  3. An MC must be good with Math: “There is much more to rapping than putting words together,” said Globe. “You must be able to count your bars and get your timing right. Like math, Hip-Hop doesn’t stop.”
  4. An MC must be have respect: “An MC is the best at everything they do,” said Globe. “Growing up in the Bronx you had to have the respect of the people before even considering garbing a mic. Without respect you have nothing.”

Widely considered as one of the Pioneers of Hip-Hop, MC Globe has had a front seat view of its evolution.

“Hip-Hop is still evolving, and like everything else, Hip-Hop has had its ups and downs,” said Globe. “God gave us Hip-Hop. He has big plans for us.”

Globe stated that even even though Hip-Hop has gone through changes over the years its mentality has remained the same. People do not like an emcee they do not respect.

MC Globe has recently came off of a Tour with the Soul Sonic Force and is to be featured in an upcoming documentary by the “808 Planet Rock Crew.” Other guest appearances on the documentary will include Pitbull and Afrika Bambaataa.


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