Artists Spotlight: Y-Roc


The word “prodigy” is often overly used but in this case prodigy is a perfect fit. Y-Roc, a 16-year-old emcee from Miami, Fl., began rhyming at 5-years-old but started taking it more seriously at the age of 12.

The Southern Florida rapper veered away from the Drum & Base style Florida rappers are known for and took a more lyrical approach to his music.

“The Miami Hip-Hop music scene doesn’t interest me,” said Y-Roc. “I like the New York style of Hip-Hop because it’s more raw. Even the newer New York rappers like Action Bronson and Joey Bada$$ are just as good as the Old School ones.”

Inspired by the likes of Jay-Z, NaS and Rakim, Y-Roc developed a style which he calls “Real Hip-Hop from all eras.” Being a rapper is not as easy it seems. Y-Roc said his hardest challenge as an emcee is overcoming writers block.

On Dec. 15th, 2012, Y-Roc released his first mixtape entitled “Word is Born EP.” The five-track project featured Y-Roc rhyming over previously released beats from the likes of Madlib, J Dilla and MF DOOM.

Y-Roc has a new mixtape called “Resurrection of the Livin’ Proof” set to release in May. In this new project, Y-Roc rhymes exclusively over previously released beats by DJ Premier.

Still in High School, Y-Roc has to limit his recording time to the weekends and late afternoons. Y-Roc explained what it is like being a rapper while being a High School student.

“Bring a rapper while still in High School has educated me to be a better emcee,” said Y-Roc. “It forces me to step up my rhymes and and focus on my time management.”

To learn more about Y-Roc follow him on Twitter: @The_Kid_Yroc


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