The Rise of Illa Ghee


Brooklyn, N.Y., is home a lot of Hip-Hop’s greatest emcees. Groundbreaking artists like Masta Ace, Busta Rhymes and The Notorious B.I.G. all hail out of Brooklyn. It is only natural that an artists with a style as raw as Illa Ghee would come out of Brooklyn as well.

Illa Ghee was considered one of Hip-Hop’s fastest rising stars in the mid-90s. He gained mainstream recognition when he was featured on a single called “Can’t Get Enough Of It” by Mobb Deep off of their 1996 album “Hell On Earth.” Unfortunately, Illa had to put his career as a rapper on hold when he was sentenced to a 6-years in prison that same year. Illa explained how he used his time in prison to help himself grow as an emcee.

“Prison taught me how to be a  more creative rapper,” said Illa over the phone. “I took the time to learn more about symbolism which helped me talk about things in a different light.”

Since his release from prison in 2002, Illa made a huge comeback to Hip-Hop. Born and raised in the streets of Brooklyn, Illa stated dealing with people without a sense of “street values” was the hardest part of adapting back into the music industry.

Illa Ghee has two new projects in the works. The first is an untitled project that features a collection of previously recorded tracks that were not used on other projects.

The second project is an album featuring all original works called “Social Graffiti.” Illa states that this album is not made to be “radio friendly” but to show off his lyrical abilities. The release dates of these two projects are yet to be determined.

To learn more about Illa Ghee and buy his music, visit


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