The Blak Smith of Hip-Hop


Hip-Hop is a culture based on four elements: DJing, MCing, B-Boying and Graffiti. Like every culture it must be taught to the younger generation in order for it to prosper. Blak Smith, a Bronx N.Y. native, has two books to spread knowledge to the newer generation of Hip-Hopers.

His first book entitled “I aint Perfekt but tak it from ME” was released in Aug. 2011. It was autobiographical tale-telling of how he came to be the knowledgeable Hip-Hoper he is today. Smith encourages readers to learn from his journey and allow his story to better yourself.

Smith’s newest book is in the works. It is titled “Boom Bye Bye, Hip-Hop will Never Die,” the title inspired by a KRS-One song called “Stop Frontin.” This book is still in its editing stage and its release date is yet to be determined.

His second book will focus on how the music industry affected Hip-Hop and vice-versa.

“I want to inform the people why Hip-Hop is the way it is,” said Smith over the phone.

Smith wants to put light on the corrupt side of the music industry. Stating the entertainment industry is designed to keep people oppressed by distracting them from important issues going on in the world.

“Politicians like Obama can do what ever they want if the people are not focused on them,” said Smith.

Smith went on to say that Jimmy Iovine, the CEO of Interscope Records,  is also the current leader of the Church of Satan.

An emcee himself, Smith warns young artist to get into the music industry for the right reason.

“Fame and fortune come with a price,” said Smith. “Many people do not know that there are secret rituals that you must go through to make it in the music industry.”

Smith encourages any artists who wants to get into the music industry to do so independently.

“Artists do not need major labels anymore,” said Smith. “Take Immortal Technique for example, he may not be in the mainstream but he has a solid career and fan base. If you are going to be in the music industry you should be in it to help your people. A major label will not allow you to do that.”

Blak Smith has a blog page which focuses on Hip-Hop as well as many other social issues. Smith states that it is his duty to help educate the younger generation of Hip-Hopers.

You can read Blak Smith’s blog at


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