Hip-Hop: Our Story


Saturday Feb. 16, 2012  Arizona State University hosted its first ever hip-hop lecture at its Downtown campus in honor of Black History Month.

Minister Server, 48, a spiritual adviser for the Universal Zulu Nation and the Temple of Hip-Hop, flew to Phoenix from Atlanta, Ga.,  to deliver his hip-hop lecture to ASU students and faculty.

Server’s lecture included a two-hour presentation showing how hip-hop culture has evolved and changed the world.

“Hip-hop culture is only 40-years-old,” said Server during his presentation. “Never in world history has a culture had a global impact in less than 40 years without force. Hip-hop is the first culture to do that.”

During the presentation Server told how the music industry does not have hip-hop culture’s best interest in mind. Stating the main focus of a record company is to make money, not keep the culture alive.

Another focus of the presentation was knowing the difference between hip-hop culture and industrial rap music.

“Hop-hop is designed to help you to be a better you,” said Server. “Hip-hop is not the negative rap images portrayed in the media. If what you’re listening to does not encourage you to better yourself and your community, it is not hip-hop.”

Students in the audience were very receptive to Server’s presentation. Many of which were taking notes as Server spoke. Server expressed his gratitude to ASU and plans on touring more college campuses.

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to connect to a new hip-hop generation,” said Server. “This event allowed me to show students a new perspective of hip-hop that the mainstream media does not allow most people to see.”


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