Artists Spotlight: Final Outlaw

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Final Outlaw is a rapper on the rise from New York City, N.Y., who is set to break new grounds through his music.

Homeless throughout his youth, Outlaw spent the majority of his time transferring between homeless shelters. During his high school years, Outlaw met a rap group called “Zero Tolerance” who sparked his interest in rap.

“They would record their songs out of a PC and filmed their music videos with an old camcorder which I thought was real creative,” said Outlaw. “They asked me to freestyle for them, I sucked at that time but I did the best I could.”

Outlaw developed his rhymes and started taking rapping more seriously around 2007. Not knowing how to break into the music industry, Final Outlaw would perform at open mic nights in hopes to gain attention for his music.

Final Outlaw got the break he needed when the Grassroots Artists Movement (G.A.ME), an organization that used hip-hop as a tool to bring resources to the community, came to a homeless shelter where Outlaw was staying. Many key figures in the hip-hop community were involved with G.A.ME including Erykah Badu, Immortal Technique and M-1 from Dead Prez.

Outlaw gained recognition from G.A.ME and took the time to learn what he could from the artists involved.

“I remember M-1 telling me how he would get upset when people would affiliate him with a record label,” said Outlaw. “He said he was a revolutionary first, a musician second. Those words stuck with me as I went through my career.”

Final Outlaw’s newest album, “Unstoppable Love” set to release Feb. 19, for free download. This project features a catalog of tracks Outlaw has recorded since 2010.

“My main focus of music is always changing,” said Outlaw. “People are quick to judge an artist by just one track. I want people to listen to my body of work to get a feel for me.”

The album’s title holds a deep meaning to Outlaw. He explained that if “Love” is a force that keeps pushing him forward.

“If you truly have love for what you’re doing, nobody can talk you out of it,” said Outlaw. “I have love for my craft, my art, my people. Love has allowed me to tell my story.”

Unstoppable Love is dedicated to Outlaw’s fan base who supported him throughout his career.

To learn more about Final Outlaw and download Unstoppable Love, visit his website


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