Artists Spotlight: Young Greatness


Young Greatness is an up-coming emcee who is set to make his mark as a hip-hop heavyweight.

The New Orleans La. native began rapping in 2002, around the same time his father passed away.  He developed his style by studying the likes of Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., and Big L.

“I remember my dad told me in order to be one of the greats, you must study the greats,” said Greatness. “I learned my rhyming techniques by listening to all of my favorite rappers. I took what I liked from their styles and applied them to mine.”

Greatness explained how, as a rapper from the south, he has to work harder because southern rappers do not get the same opportunities to get noticed like rappers from the East and West Coast.

“In order for southern rappers to make our mark, we must be consistent and be fresh,” said Greatness. “Hard work shows itself.”

Greatness acknowledged Birdman and Master P for the way they made an impact on hip-hop culture and how they helped newer artists do the same.

The up-coming rapper hit a turning point in his life when he went to prison. He was released from his sentence in 2010 which he said allowed him to be more focused.

“It don’t matter who believes in you and who doesn’t,” said Greatness. “Put God first, believe in yourself and good things will happen to you.”


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