Rap United Nations


Hip-hop mogul Billy Danze is giving unsigned artists the publicity they are looking for with his new movement.

Raps United Nations (RUN) is an international hip-hop movement started by Billy Danze, one-half of the Brownsville N.Y. rap group Mash Out Posse (M.O.P.), to give new artists from around the world the publicity they deserve by releasing and distributing collaborative mixtapes from artists all over the world.

“Most established artists see newer artists as competition,” said Danze. “I want to help the new generation because if I don’t than the culture will die. Look at what happened to Disco, they stopped putting out newer artists and that genre of music died. I don’t want the same thing to happen to hip-hop.”

RUN released their first project in February of 2012 entitled “First Wave” which featured unsigned artists from all around the United States.

“Sadly, the record industry is not about your music now days, it’s about your team, and we have the biggest team in the world,” said Danze.

Since the release of First Wave, RUN has released similar projects from artists in 15 other countries including England, Canada, Germany and Portugal. RUN is also set to release projects to promote artists in Australia, Japan, Africa and Jamaica in February. RUN’s second and third have also been released for American artists.

Many artists who are involved with RUN were eager to express their gratitude toward Billy Danze and the entire RUN movement.

“RUN has gotten me exposure all around the world,” said D-Dub, an artist from Queens N.Y. who was featured on RUN’s first, second and third wave mixtapes, “My fan base has at least tripled. My music is now being heard in Russia, Germany, Europe and Japan thanks to Billy Danze.”

Ronve, a rapper from Atlanta Ga. who was featured on RUN’s second and third wave mixtapes, said he got the opportunity to be featured on XXL Magazine and got to meet hip-hop legends, who are now paying attention to him, like Large Professor and Cormega.

“Working with Billy has been a great experience,” said Lucci, a rapper from Philadelphia Pa. who was featured on RUN’s second and third wave mixtapes. “I have been a fan of M.O.P. for a long time and I like what Billy is doing with RUN to help newer artists. I have gotten major exposure because of it.”

Billy Danze is also teaming up with Sony RED Distribution to start a record label called We Build Hits.

Raymond Coleman, record producer for artists such as R. Kelly, Lil’ Wayne and Lady Gaga, was chosen by Billy Danze to run the We Build Hits record label because of his work ethic and knowledge of the music industry.

“Everything that a record company needs we have two of them,” said Danze. “Expect great things in the near future.”

Any artists who want to get involved with RUN can submit their music to webuildhitsmixtapes@gmail.com or http://rapsunitednation.com/


2 thoughts on “Rap United Nations

  1. Peace, Respect & Love!

    Yo DJ Ghosteffect, this is a DOPE blog, keep SHININ’, Word!

    Yo, Nuff RESPECT to Mr Billy Danze for being a REAL Hip Hop leader and PREPARING the NEXT generation of Hip Hop artists from the INTERNATIONAL Hip Hop community! I’m lookin’ forward to BUILDIN’ with him SOON and findin’ out HOW to get involved with RUN, Word!

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